If you’re planning on finding your next dream home, then you’re probably going to view several homes on the market that meet your criteria. You will want to make the right purchasing decision for you and your family. So, it’s wise to be savvy when viewing properties for sale. Here are some ideas on how… Read more

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Shopping for a new home can be intimidating. With so many things to do and think about, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some good tips for making the home hunting process a lot easier and much less stressful. 1. Get your mortgage arranged in advance…. Read more

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Ideally, you want to be the only buyer who makes an offer on a particular property. That way, assuming your price is acceptable to the seller, you’re almost certain to close the deal. But it doesn’t always work out that way. In the case of highly desirable homes, it’s very common for there to be… Read more

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There are several reasons why you may need to sell your home quickly. For example, a job change may require a speedy relocation to another city, or you may have purchased another property and don’t want to be stuck too long with two mortgages. Here are some tips that can help get the sold sign… Read more

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Sometimes you know a desirable street when you see one. For example, it’s obvious that a home on a cul-de-sac is enticing mainly because there isn’t any through traffic. What are the other characteristics of a desirable street that may not be as obvious? Here are just a few: Sidewalks – A sidewalk in front… Read more

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If you’re a senior, downsizing is a nice way to simplify your life. You can get rid of belongings you no longer need, and start fresh in a new place that’s more suited to your current and future lifestyle. It can even make you healthier and improve your overall quality of life. If you’re hoping… Read more

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Remember the last time you walked through a furniture showroom? You probably noticed that the sofa, chairs, tables or other furnishings were arranged or staged to make them look more appealing. You might have seen an attractive lamp on a sofa end table, or an appetizing bowl of fruit on a dining buffet. When preparing… Read more

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Many things can change in a family’s lifestyle creating a need to expand into a larger home; however, in most cases I encounter the family has simply out grown its current home. In Prince George’s County Maryland these buyers are often looking at homes in Bowie, Fort Washington and Upper Marlboro where homes range from… Read more

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When Realtors, lenders and others use the term underwater to describe the market condition of your home, they are figuratively describing the market value of the home compared to its mortgage balance. It strictly means the market value of the home is less than the mortgage balance. In several cases, I have seen the market… Read more

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Just knowing which type of relationship you have with your real estate agent and broker will help you negotiate the best possible deal, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. If you are not sure of your relationship with your agent, just ask and the agent will tell you. In a real estate transaction, the… Read more

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