Buyers: Are You Ready to Move-Up in Prince George’s County? Article Reflects Statistics for the Last 12 Months.

June 10th, 2015

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Many things can change in a family’s lifestyle creating a need to expand into a larger home; however, in most cases I encounter the family has simply out grown its current home. In Prince George’s County Maryland these buyers are often looking at homes in Bowie, Fort Washington and Upper Marlboro where homes range from 3000 – 4000 square feet in living space. Of course there are other locations offering similar homes, but the buyers I encounter mostly seek these three locations. To help you decide your next neighborhood, click here for a quick 12-month Price comparison for Bowie, Fort Washington and Upper Marlboro. Also there are other factors that can play an important role in the decision, such as, schools, transportation, etc. Click here for the National Center Education Statistics for schools. Here are some of the communities these buyers are moving to.

Upper Marlboro, officially known as the Town of Upper Marlboro is the seat of Prince George’s County, Maryland. The population within the town limits is approximately 700 persons and the Greater Upper Marlboro area is close to 19,000 persons. Here are some of the sought after neighborhoods: Kendalwood, Perrywood, Marlboro Ridge, Mansfield, Breech Tree, and Croom Station.

Bowie has grown from a small railroad stop to the largest municipality in Prince George’s County with a population of almost 55,000 persons. It is the fifth most populous city and third largest city by area in the state of Maryland. Here are some of the sought after neighborhoods: Fairwood, Woodmont Estates, Woodmore, Canterbury Heights, Saddlebrook, and Balk Hill.

Fort Washington is an unincorporated area situated just south of downtown Washington, DC and along the Potomac River. Homes in several neighborhoods have a great view of the River. Approximately 25,000 persons live in this community. The Washington National Harbor and the building of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino are attracting buyers to Fort Washington. Here are some of the sought after neighborhoods: Tantallon North, Battersea on the Bay, Franklin Square, River Bend Estate, Tantallon on the Potomac, and Potomac Overlook.

These are just some of the communities, contact me for other communities.

Please note, the price comparison charts updates automatically around the 10th of each month; reviewing old articles will not give you old charts.

6,607 total views, 6 views today

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